No One Bothered to Stop

Driving in the winter really isn’t great fun if you living in a state that doesn’t prepare for the dangerous weather conditions in advance. This was the case Saturday evening when I was headed back to the house that my wife, two sons and I had been staying in. The misty rain that had been [...]

Bitter Cold-Truth

We haven’t had electricity since Thursday when our electric company disreguarded a verbal agreement we had, refused to give us twenty-four hours and shut our power off. They claimed they would turn us back on but first we had to pay them nearly $400.00 and fork out a $1200 deposit. We have never not paid [...]


It’s all anyone can do to really survive in today’s world. I live in a country where a majority of people claim it’s a Christian country, but when you ask them to uphold the principles taught by their tenement they refuse. Don’t get me wrong there are many Christians that do follow their faith as [...]