After a difficult time of trying to think of what words I can use to portray the meaning and purpose behind my upcoming Transgender Visibility Project, I have come up with a name that I feel that does just that. Next month I will be launching Trans*Muted: A Transgender Visibility Project to bring a positive, [...]


Just the other day I was talking about how life likes to destroy plans and basically throw them into my face, well it’s happened again. Less than twenty-four hours before I was supposed to leave I managed to filet the bottom of my driving foot bad enough that I had to go to the ER [...]

Transgender Visibility

Ideas have been mulling around in my head for the last several days of how to dispell the negative ideas around people that are transgender after reading the appalling ways in which transgender people were talked about in my local newspaper. Since the Obama Administration signed an executive order that banned the discrimination of transgender [...]