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Caitlyn Jenner does not represent me as a transgender individual.

“If you look like a man in a dress, it makes people uncomfortable.”

I can not express how utterly disgusted I am once again with Caitlyn Jenner. From the beginning of her transition when she made a huge deal on national television I have not liked Jenner. She has been the topic of several of my posts in the past, none of which have been positive.

Jenner has done nothing for, nor does it appear that she wishes to do anything for the transgender community other than make those of us in it look like total self-absorbed buffoons. Plainly put, Jenner is just another reality tv media loving attention-whore. The message that she is sending, especially with her latest quip, is that is a transgender person does not fit outdated idealistic gender roles are somehow out to trick the rest of the world and make everyone feel uncomfortable.

One’s self-identity has nothing to do with the comfort level of others. If I had worried about the comfort level of people around me when I transitioned, I wouldn’t have bothered and instead of writing this very angry post, I would most likely be in my grave. Our transitions are as unique as each individual that undergo them and in most cases we do not have nearly endless amounts of money to throw into countless surgeries, cosmetics, clothing, etc. Not every transgender person has ridden the coattails of a trending media sensation and leeched off society’s obsession with the Kardashians. So if there are some transwomen that don’t fit Jenner’s ideal of what a woman should or should not look like and she isn’t comfortable with that, Jenner can suck my prosthetic dick.

I am sick to death of so-called celebrities that refuse to climb their asses off their high-horse and come back down to reality. People like Jenner have made their living off their name alone, the only reason that anyone knows who Jenner is, is because she jumped on the Kardashian train and rode Kris Jenner and her daughters all the way to the bank.

Name two other athletes that competed in the 1977 Olympics. Unless you religiously follow the Olympics and sports, I doubt that without the assistance of Google anyone can. Jenner claims that she has always known that she was a woman, yet she refused to compete in her correct gender for the 1977 Olympics. In 1977, there were other transwomen who were fighting for their rights to compete as the women that they are, not hiding behind a lie.

Then it was made public knowledge that Jenner was given the Arthur Ashe award, in exchange for an exclusive with Barbara Walters, after it had been nearly thirty years since she had competed in sports. Thirty years and now suddenly because Jenner came out and said she was transgender she deserves an award? Where is the award for each and every transgender man and woman that have came out and lost everything that they had because of it? Where is their recognition?

If that wasn’t enough of an insult to the average transgender person struggling to make ends meet and afford their transition, Jenner made her anti-Marriage Equality stance rather clear. Way to further divide the LGB community from the T community. As if we didn’t have it hard enough to begin with.

Then you had the Halloween Costume, which I’ll admit I thought was a good idea at first. Some people idolize dumbasses, so why not give kids the chance to dress as who the idolize for Halloween. Then it came out that the costume was marketed towards men, and Jenner supported it! Tell me again how someone can support a costume of a transwoman being marketed towards men and then say looking like a man in a dress makes people uncomfortable.

Now she’s been named as one of the People of the Year by Time magazine and been given another soapbox to further degrade transgender and gender nonconforming people on.

As I sit here fuming over her transphobic comments I can’t help but wonder why someone within the transgender community that has actually done something to deserve recognition isn’t being given People of the Year, or the Arthur Ashe award, and then I remember…they aren’t suckling at the media’s teet, we’re just your average human being, and not some airhead who’s biggest worry is the color of her fingernail polish matching her purse.