They put them in dog kennels.

The time has come for us to stand up as one to speak out against this inhumane treatment of Native Americans, protect a water source for millions of people, and to protect sacred burial grounds. Since I cannot make it to Standing Rock personally, I am doing everything that I can to spread awareness of what is happening there. Together as one, we can make a difference.

A Letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe

[I wrote a letter to Gov. McAuliffe this evening and e-mailed it to his office. I suppose we'll see if and when I get a response, then I'll know if he was worth my vote or not.] Governor McAuliffe, I am writing you this evening to bring a couple of events that have happened to [...]

To Virginia Police: Stop Profiling Me

In the past month I have been pulled twice by police in the state of Virginia because I have farm use tags, at least that is the excuse I’ve been given. Driving with farm use tags on a vehicle in Virginia is not against the law, thus I have been pulled twice without breaking a [...]