Childish behavior and a crumbling social infrastructure.

Anyone that has really paid attention to my blogging knows that I am not a fan of Black Lives Matter (BLM) because I feel that they further stress unnecessary racial tensions between people of African descent living in America and nearly every other racial group. Statements that the BLM founders have made rub me the [...]

Suicide Squad

This afternoon I was able to go to see Suicide Squad on opening day. (A huge thanks to T-Mobile who gave my wife and I tickets!) I was braced for the horrid portrayal of the Joker (I have yet to find anyone that can best Heath Ledger in my mind.) and was telling myself that [...]

ALL lives matter, not just a select few.

If we are going to march against these injustices let us do so in daylight so that everyone can see our solidarity and hear our voices rise together as one. Let us not scream only one kind of life matters, but realize that each and every one of our lives matter and that we will come together as brothers and sisters to protect and care for each other. Let us not destroy the lives or property that others have worked so hard for during their own life, but instead let us build each other up and stop the foolish selfishness of looting during the chaos of rioting. Let us work together for peace, because there is already enough suffering.