Medical Nightmare

The recurring theme in healthcare when it comes to being transgender is either lack of knowledge or outright discrimination, both of which I have experienced at the hands of doctors sworn to first do no harm according to the Hippocratic oath traditionally taken by doctors. The most recent case of discrimination I've experienced has been [...]

At Long Last.

We have never wanted to invalidate anyone else’s marriage, or destroy the sanctity of marriage, or even redefine it. Those are all things that the extremists have done. The simple truth was we only wanted the same rights as other Americans across the country; we wanted the right to be able to be a family with the people that we love and care about.

LGBT Rights and Religion; It’s really about RESPECT.

An argument that my younger brother and I always seem to get into happens anytime I mention LBGT rights or anything that I work for that could be consider activism. I get the usual answer of “I don’t want that *insert random LGBT affiliated word here* shoved down my throat, which is generally his way [...]