Medical Nightmare

The recurring theme in healthcare when it comes to being transgender is either lack of knowledge or outright discrimination, both of which I have experienced at the hands of doctors sworn to first do no harm according to the Hippocratic oath traditionally taken by doctors. The most recent case of discrimination I've experienced has been [...]

Doctors + Being Transgender = Not Good Bedfellows

I hate visiting the doctor, I hate it to the point where I have to pretty much be on the verge of death before I’ll visit a doctor. Part of the reason is the usual lack of punctuality for almost any doctor that I’ve been to, and part of it is because I am transgender. [...]

Do we really have the right to choose?

The ‘my body, my choice’ motto begs the question do we really have the right to do what we want with our bodies? In the landmark decision of Wade v. Roe/Doe v. Bolton it was declared that a woman’s right to an abortion was protected under the right to due process in the 14th Amendment, citing women had the right to privacy, but what about other medical procedures? Do women as well as men have the same rights?