The superpower of normalcy would definitely be life-changing, and for the better some would say; however, it would drastically change who and what I am. It would make my life easier, and I would be able to interact with people in ways that I've only dreamed of. Society would no longer be a vast mystery of human rituals and confusing interactions leaving me in a chaotic state of upset. Yet I would no longer be able to be a voice for those like me who could not speak. As great as having any superpower would be, in the end, I prefer to just by myself. After all, we're nothing more than a culmination of our experiences and stardust, and I like being stardust.

Muddle On

​For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to raise to help cover the cost of a new laptop for my schooling as well as my schooling itself. I am having to pay for my education completely out of pocket without any assistance other than donations or assistant that I get from friends and family. [...]