I will be glad when 2015 is over, this has been the worse year of my life by far. The entire year I’ve spent dealing with one clusterfuck after another, and the day before Christmas was just hell. I am depressed and have to keep reminding myself what I have to live for. I found [...]


I feel so incredibly lost right now. My Ford Explorer is still broken after replacing not only a CV axle on the driver’s side, but also a ball joint; for those that don’t speak “mechanic” it’s a pain in the ass to do either and really more money than I have to be throwing into a vehicle. This leaves me stranded in Texas with upcoming doctor’s appointments not only for myself but also for my son.

Falling Apart at the Seams: Today’s Hell

Why does it seem that no matter how hard I work towards making my family’s lives better everything seems to be falling apart at the seams? I have to fix my truck now, which puts us back to square zero on trying to attend my brother’s wedding in Vietnam towards the end of August. Also, we have a birthday coming up on August 1st for one of our children. Things like this make me feel like I’m losing hope for anything in life other than a hard time.