Childish behavior and a crumbling social infrastructure.

Anyone that has really paid attention to my blogging knows that I am not a fan of Black Lives Matter (BLM) because I feel that they further stress unnecessary racial tensions between people of African descent living in America and nearly every other racial group. Statements that the BLM founders have made rub me the [...]

ALL lives matter, not just a select few.

If we are going to march against these injustices let us do so in daylight so that everyone can see our solidarity and hear our voices rise together as one. Let us not scream only one kind of life matters, but realize that each and every one of our lives matter and that we will come together as brothers and sisters to protect and care for each other. Let us not destroy the lives or property that others have worked so hard for during their own life, but instead let us build each other up and stop the foolish selfishness of looting during the chaos of rioting. Let us work together for peace, because there is already enough suffering.

Why do we find offense at people using the “N word” but not the “R word”?

From 1999 through 2013, the Native American population of the United States experienced nearly the same rate of deaths at the hands of law enforcement as did the African American population, the difference being there are approximately 5.1 million Native Americans in the United States while there are around 45 million African Americans. If you do the math, their percentage of deaths based on their own population is higher than that of African Americans. Yet when someone tries to say #NativeLivesMatter they are ignored, mocked, or yelled at by the BLM movement (black lives matter) saying their lives matter, but they aren’t important enough to be addressed right now.

Progressives: Don’t Waste Your Money on the Group #BlackLivesMatters. They Are Actually Hurting Minority Progress

Progressives: Don’t Waste Your Money on the Group #BlackLivesMatters. They Are Actually Hurting Minority Progress. In a nutshell, this line from the co-founder of the Black Lives matter movement expresses the sentiment of the BLM towards anyone other than black women: "Please do not change the conversation by talking about how your life matters, too." As [...]

A Broken System: Rigged for the Rich and the Criminals

Society in America is rigged, it is set up in such a manner that only the rich and the criminals truly prosper. The average law-abiding citizen is left to struggle in a desperate attempt to keep their head above the water; while the rich continue to prosper from corrupted policies put into place by the [...]