Republicans vs. Democrats – Liberals vs. Conservatives

United States citizens pay our taxes just like the big corporations that buy their senators, it is time that WE are represented in government, not just corporations parading themselves as “people” for tax breaks.

At Long Last.

We have never wanted to invalidate anyone else’s marriage, or destroy the sanctity of marriage, or even redefine it. Those are all things that the extremists have done. The simple truth was we only wanted the same rights as other Americans across the country; we wanted the right to be able to be a family with the people that we love and care about.

Minority of a Minority’s Minority

If you are the minority of a minority’s minority then you might want to hang on for the ride of your life. The American Dream might as well be a fable because everything that you do in life is going to require fighting an uphill battle. Every step you think you take in the right direction is going to send you back three steps. I know this because this is where I am, filed away in a neat little box as a minority of a minority’s minority, and it all began with my birth.