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The Clusterfuck that is T-Mobile

"Go Magenta."  This is one of the tags lines I heard from the T-Mobile crew in Richmond, VA a few years back at VA Pride. At the time my cellular carrier was Verizon Wireless, and while I wasn't really happy with their service, they had yet to screw over my bill and service to such… Continue reading The Clusterfuck that is T-Mobile

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A New Start for the Summer

I'm headed back to Arkansas, it's really the only place that I have to go if I want to keep my sanity and not kill myself. Over the past two years, I've come to realize what a horrible, unwelcoming place that parts of Virginia are or have become. When it comes to community, it doesn't… Continue reading A New Start for the Summer

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Thanks for the LIES

In July of 2015 I applied for SSI through Human Arc, I was promised that my case would be processed in under six months, and because I met all the required markers for SSI (autism, gender dysphoria, social anxiety, PTSD to name a few) there should be no problems with my case at all. It… Continue reading Thanks for the LIES

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Icing on the Cake

Jack is missing. Jack is my black cat that I have had since the day he was born. I was the one to pull the amneotic sack from around him when his feral cat mother shoved him away from her after she gave birth to him. I was the one that rubbed his tiny little… Continue reading Icing on the Cake

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It’s all anyone can do to really survive in today’s world. I live in a country where a majority of people claim it’s a Christian country, but when you ask them to uphold the principles taught by their tenement they refuse. Don’t get me wrong there are many Christians that do follow their faith as… Continue reading Survive

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I wish it would all end…

Mile by mile I limped my truck back to where I started my trip back home...Sulfur Springs TX. I wasn't able to make it home to Ford like I had planned but I did manage to make it safely back where I started.  Thus far the assume culprit of my truck issues is a broken… Continue reading I wish it would all end…