Don’t Let it Bother You.

“Don’t let it bother you,” I’ve been told these words since I was a young child. Anytime someone was hurtful, hateful, and downright emotionally abusive, I was the one that wasn’t supposed to let it bother me. I was the one being attacked, but I wasn’t supposed to let it bother me. What a different [...]

Transphobia and Healthcare

One of the most difficult aspects of being transgender or transsexual is finding a decent doctor that is willing to treat you like a human being. Since beginning my transition I've dealt with doctor after doctor that ignored my concerns about my healthcare, but never in my life have I ever had a doctor treat [...]

Medical Nightmare

The recurring theme in healthcare when it comes to being transgender is either lack of knowledge or outright discrimination, both of which I have experienced at the hands of doctors sworn to first do no harm according to the Hippocratic oath traditionally taken by doctors. The most recent case of discrimination I've experienced has been [...]


With the upcoming presidential catastrophe, I'm still on the fence as to who to vote for. My candidate is clearly a wash and I'm left feeling a bit betrayed by his actions. Lucky for me (sarcasm) there's a slew of other people to look into. One of these people I'm looking into is Gov. Gary [...]

Muddled: Trying to Make Sense from All the Bullshit

In the society that I live in, people like me are disposable. I have two strikes against me, and half of a lifetime of abuse has given me a third in the form of PTSD and social anxiety. The latter of the two could have been prevented had the world been kinder to someone like me. I have been crippled by the abuse that society has perpetrated upon people that aren’t “normal”.

Doctors + Being Transgender = Not Good Bedfellows

I hate visiting the doctor, I hate it to the point where I have to pretty much be on the verge of death before I’ll visit a doctor. Part of the reason is the usual lack of punctuality for almost any doctor that I’ve been to, and part of it is because I am transgender. [...]

Spectrum Transformation Group

So now after waiting for four months for what was supposed to be testing and an official diagnosis, we’re back at square one. Since the refused to allow anyone to see my wife’s review, I felt it was important that I wrote my own so that other people wouldn’t waste their time or money with this group where each client is just a plus sign in a bank account and nothing more.