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My name is Aydan O'Connor, I am a:

Father, Husband, Brother, Advocate, Transman, Author, Friend, Liberal, Activist, Human Being, Otaku, and a Pagan.

I am proud of who I am and how far I have come. I fully understand that there are people in this world that either don't believe in who or what I am or are terribly afraid of it and react to any of the labels I proudly wear with fear.

I challenge anyone with that outlook to engage in respectful and meaningful conversation with me. I am just one person, but one rain drop can raise the level of the ocean. A small difference for the better is still a difference. I assure you, I am like anyone else.

Medical Nightmare

The recurring theme in healthcare when it comes to being transgender is either lack of knowledge or outright discrimination, both of which I have experienced at the hands of doctors sworn to first do no harm according to the Hippocratic oath traditionally taken by doctors. The most recent case of discrimination I’ve experienced has been…

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The Dirty Truth

Now once again I feel like everything that has started to settle down has been thrown into the fray once again, and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if we should stay in this area, or New York or move somewhere else. I’m at a loss. It’s being insinuated that my family and I ruined this person’s social life, and they can’t do anything and are now in a bad place.

Just when I thought we were safe…

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At precisely 12:10pm I will have been born for thirty-three years, looking back it’s been one struggle after another. There are so many chances I wish I would have had that were afforded to others that made their lives considerably easier, but then I realize that if I hadn’t gone through what I have over…

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Suicidal Idealations

I want to die. I’m so tired of struggling, so tired of fighting, so tired of it being insinuated that my life is meaningless because I’m not good enough at being a minority.  Yesterday was supposed to be a good day. It was supposed to be the beginning of the process to start my chest…

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