Heinous Fuckery (Week Three – Part Two)

Into Exile

The beautiful sunrise was the only good part of the day spent in North Carolina. The reviews that Fox’s beloved had found on the campsite has said that the place was supposed to be fairly unused and quiet, but that turned out to be anything except the truth.

By three in the afternoon all of the remaining campsites were filled and their new residents began their partying. Despite there being numerous places in the park stating that alcohol was not allowed, the new adult campers failed to adhere to that rule and began to openly drink while their children ran around the campsite unsupervised screaming to the top of their lungs.

To make things worse, when ‘quite time’ for the park came the campers were still screaming, drinking, having loud sex in the wooded areas, and going to other campsites to snoop around the other tents that didn’t belong to…

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