Heinous Fuckery (Week Three, part One)

Into Exile

The trip to North Carolina was far longer than Fox and their beloved had originally planned for, the trip that was supposed to take only four hours ended up taking nearly ten. This meant the trio ended up setting the tent up in the dark at midnight with the help of flashlights. Once the tent was in place and the air mattresses inflated, the teen curled up and happily went to sleep, while Fox and their beloved wandered down to the water. Fox was sure that after the long car ride in the heat, the offspring was glad to be somewhere other than a vehicle where he could stretch out and sleep comfortably.

Fox and their beloved strolled down to the bank of the Neuse River, half followed, half lead by two semi-feral young cats. Fox could hear the waves lapping on the beach and smell the salt water beforeā€¦

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