Taking a Step Back

I was supposed to start to college yesterday, but because of the various issues being homeless for nearly the past year have caused I had to put off starting until the spring when I will have a year of verifiable residency in New York State. With each passing day I watch the deterioration of my country with the same sort of sickening awe that onlookers have when examining a car accident as they drive by. From hurricanes, to political games, and activists that want superiority rather than equality I would have never thought as a young adult that my country would be destroying itself from the inside out. As I watch the news feeds for the hurricanes, ever constant mass shootings, and political fuckery that is going to screw over most of the US population I can’t help but wonder if this is really going to be the end of this nation.

In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey, I saw how the American people could come together and help each other out in a time of need, so what is so different when there isn’t a disaster? Why does it take the destruction left in the wake of a natural disaster to break down the barriers that Americans hide behind everyday? With Irma, a category five hurricane, hurdling towards Florida, I wonder is there going to be more coming together as a nation rather than isolated groups floundering in the dark while crying against whatever wrongs they feel they’ve suffered. Why do emergencies bring out the good in people? Why can people only help each other when something horrific is happening.

I don’t think I’ll ever really understand the human race.

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