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Resolution: Thanks for the Memories T-Mobile

I have a new phone, and a new carrier. 

After spending several days engaged with T-Mobile’s customer support ( though I hardly think they qualify as support), several Twitter nudgings trying to get them to actually answer my messages, and a metric fuck ton of annoyance I thought we had reached some sort of resolution to the clusterfuck that T-Mobile had caused. 

When they asked me what I wanted, I broke down my requirements line by line and gave them a reason for each one. In the end all I asked for was $100 off my bill, and for them to change my plan to the correct plan to correct their screw ups that had jumped by, wait for it… $100. Simply put, I only asked for them to let me pay my normal bill amount. After all, I had been with T-Mobile for eight months and always made my payments either on time, or ahead of time. I had my eye on a new iPad Pro in May or June when I was able to finance without paying 3/4 of the sales price down. It was a nice dream. 

At first, the customer support ignored my message after asking me what I wanted, this went on for over a day which annoyed me to say the least. Finally when they answered, they were willing to “comp” me $75, this was after they had passed me off on no less than five different people. They refused to change my plan until the next billing period, and ignored everything else that I had taken the time to thoughtfully address in my response to their question. 

One thing I hate above all else is to be ignored, especially so when I’ve taken the time to sit down and write out a detailed response to a question asked of me. That shows me that whoever asked me the question in the first place doesn’t value nor want an answer from me, so why bother to waste my time by asking in the first place by asking. 

I realized at this point T-Mobile has perhaps the worst attempt at customer retention known to modern consumer looking to purchase and keep cellular service. Even Verizon Wireless, who ran background data constantly on my phones to up the amount I used and throw me into overages every month had better resolution policies in place when it came to addressing a customer grievance.

Once more I was passed off to another “agent” who was now so graciously going to credit my account an extra$25.00. So they were trying to make me feel like they were going above and beyond by first refusing what I asked of them and then giving in a little more to still fall short of meeting my requests. While this was highly annoying, and insulting it wasn’t the end of the issue. 

While I had been trying to work out this billing issue and the plan change, my wife had been speaking with someone within T-Mobile about being charged for Google Play purchases through T-Mobile, when they had been already paid for via credit card. Even the staff at Google confirmed this and she was told that she would be refunded the amount already paid. This never happened, and still has not happened. 

To make matters worse, the morning following the so-called resolution my wife started having an issue with her phone not  having data. Any time that she would attempt to access the internet she would receive an error message from T-Mobile stating that our plan didn’t have data. We thought maybe it was her phone, so we rest her phone. The issue was still not resolved and when I checked data service on my new iPhone, I had the same issue. So we went into a local store.

What we found out was like the icing on the cake, but rather bitter instead of sweet. The data on all of the lines on my account had been turned off until March 20th, which would have left me paying for data service for an entire month without receiving it. 

When I tried to talk to the representative in the store I was told “Well at least you can come to this store and fix your problems.” 


I went next door to Sprint and now have three lines with unlimited text, talk and data for about half of what I was paying at T-Mobile. I can’t say that I didn’t warn them, T-Mobile just simply didn’t care or value me as someone that pays their paychecks. 

So the next time someone tries to convince me to “go Magenta,” I’ll pass. I’m a lot happier with better service and a lower phone bill. 


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