Depression · Vehicles


I’m so lost right now. I don’t know what to do or where I’m going or even if I’ll make it through the week at this point.

The driveshaft in my truck dropped out at a stoplight in rush hour traffic during lunch today and now all our plans for a new start have gone to hell. We’re effectively stranded where we and now have zero transportation.  Fixing the truck really doesn’t seem to be an option anymore as there is too much work and money that need to go into it. Just the rear drive shaft alone is going to cost over $500 when you include taxes. 

I want to curl into a ball and cry. This year was supposed to be better and it’s just gotten progressively worse. I dare say it makes me miss 2016. 

I’m homeless and now I don’t even have a vehicle to weather the cold winter in. I don’t know where to start anymore… I’m just so tired. 

Does it ever get better? 


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