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Wells Fargo – Big Brother is Watching

With the exception of Wells Fargo, in all my years of banking never have I ever come across a bank that likes to not only limit how much of your own money that you can spend, but also where you can spend your own money.

Anyone that has been reading my blog or paying attention to other social media venues that I use knows that my family and I are currently homeless, and trying to make our way back to Virginia where we may have a place to stay since the place here in Arkansas was a total bust and has ended up costing us more than it was worth. My mother-in-law was paid today tried to get us a hotel room for a couple of days so that we can finish gathering up what we have before making our way halfway across the United States. It will be the first night since Sunday that we have a warm and safe place to sleep. For the past two nights the temperatures have been below freezing and tonight will be no different, in fact the low for tonight is supposed to be in the mid to high twenties.

Now, because Wells Fargo has decided that they don’t want to give my mother-in-law access to her own money we are running the risk of being kicked out of our room for the evening. They even had the audacity to call my mother in law and tell her that they weren’t going to put they charge for the hotel room through, because she dared to spend more than Big Brother Wells Fargo said she could. Even though she begged them to put the charge through, they simply refused.  It doesn’t matter that she has over $500 in her account, it wouldn’t matter if she had $5,000 in her account her bank has refused her access to her money.

In all honesty, this really doesn’t surprise me, what should anyone expect from a bank that has a past of opening fraudulent accounts in their client’s name and then charging them fines and fees without their knowledge? Wells Fargo even backs the Dakota Access Pipeline, a project that a large majority of Americans do not want pushed through and have been fighting against with the Native American’s whose sacred tribal land this pipeline would desecrate.

Like many other people that are against the DAPL, I closed my Wells Fargo account a while ago and if I hadn’t, this would have been the deciding factor to close my account. Any bank that refuses their clients access to their money has no right being in business.


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