Childish behavior and a crumbling social infrastructure.

Anyone that has really paid attention to my blogging knows that I am not a fan of Black Lives Matter (BLM) because I feel that they further stress unnecessary racial tensions between people of African descent living in America and nearly every other racial group. Statements that the BLM founders have made rub me the wrong way, and I feel that they are manipulating a population of young adults into feeling horrible for being any “color” rather than “black”.

I have voiced this opinion since the riots outside of St. Louis after the death of Michael Brown. I do not like their push for superiority rather than equality, and their negligence of “black lives” when it doesn’t suit them. Time and time again I have pointed out inconsistency in their actions and how destructive rather than constructive their behavior is. The people that follow this movement have gone so far as to shut down highways and prevent emergency vehicles from taking children to the hospital for live-saving treatment.

The flooding in Louisiana has been a trending news topic for a while now, from the controversy surrounding President Obama’s actions to people calling out the BLM for not assisting predominately black impoverished neighbourhoods. The other day I posted on my personal facebook a video from a black man in Louisiana speaking out about the BLM and Black Panthers not helping anyone in the flood zones, while it was their own neighbors and the police that were doing all the assistance. The police, let that sink in for a moment. The police.

Usually I only have friends and family on my facebook, people that I have talked to before or have a great deal in common with. Night before last, less than 24 hours before I made this post sharing my opinion, I had someone that was interested in the Trans-muted Project that I am working on add me on Facebook. I thought it was kinda odd, because a) my Facebook is personal, not business and b) I asked to be contacted through my email or by filling out the introduction survey. Against my better judgement, I allowed this person to add me as a friend.

When I made that post, this other person that had just added me, let’s call them B (Since my name starts with A, I’ll go with the next letter.) made a comment on my post about it being the government’s job to take care of the people in the flood zone, not BLM.

Their exact words were:

“Black lives matter was founded by queer and trans women of color to speak out against police brutality. Rescuing national disaster victims is not what the group was started for and should be the responsibility of the US government.”

I responded with:

“Black Lives Matter is a chapter-based national organization working for the validity of Black life. We are working to (re)build the Black liberation movement.” “We are talking about the way in which Black lives are deprived of our basic human rights and dignity.” From their own website. The scope of an organization can change and evolve as its needs grow and change. I don’t know about you, but to me, shelter, food, water, all of these should be considered basic rights, rights that people, regardless of their color, are unable to obtain without going through great trials because of the flooding in Louisiana. One of the scopes of the BLM is to address Black poverty, which is rampant in some of the locations affected by this flooding. Time and time again the BLM has shown that only certain lives matter. Police brutality, no matter the color of the person it’s against, should be the government’s priority as well, but that hasn’t stopped the BLM from intervening with violence. What is different between them involving themselves then and now?

B: People of color face higher rates of police brutality so obviously they focus on people of color. They aren’t anti white people or anti cop, they are just speaking out against cops who aren’t being held accountable for acting outside of the law.

A: What about Native Americans? They have a higher rate than people of African descent yet no one seems to care about them. Also, did you even read what I posted? Their lack of action as well as empathy, goes against what they are trying to highlight. Speaking out against cops that aren’t being held accountable does not include murdering police officers, shutting down interstates, rioting and destroying people’s homes and businesses. Speaking out means voicing your opinions in a clear concise manner with the people that have the power to make changes in the systems that are failing EVERY American, not just a selection.

B: Yes, I read what you posted yet I disagree. BLM does not condone murder or any other violence against police. They advocate for peaceful protests which sometimes include blocking traffic.

(At this point I’m guessing that B doesn’t really care about Native American’s seeing as they “disagree” with what I was talking about. )

A: Did you know that a BLM blocked an ambulance from reaching a young girl that was of African descent and nearly cost her her life? By advocating blocking traffic they are advocating illegal activity.

B: Can you provide sources? Are you more angry about this 1 girl who died on accident or that the fact that more than 100 black Americans have been killed by police? That doesn’t seem like a group with a lack of empathy to me.…/black-people-killed-by…

(Can I provide sources?! So now B thinks that I am either outright lying or making this up. Sad thing is they did block emergency vehicles. Why can’t I be equally outraged at each death that occurs at the hands of anyone?)

A: I’m pissed by the fact that the people who were supposed to be protesting the ending of people’s lives nearly cost a child hers. Blocking emergency vehicles seems to be an on-going thing with them.…/black-lives-matter……… Also, Native Americans make up three of the top five groups of people to be killed by police. Where is everyone’s upset at that?

B: Racism exists for Native Americans as well as people of color, so yes they are at a higher risk for police sanctioned violence. When did I say they weren’t. BLM advocates for police reform for everyone, not just certain people. Police have been using deadly force to deal with non violent offenders, people of color, disabled folks etc. and given paid leave. You okay with that?

(This person must really think that I am a heartless jerk that loves murder or something…)

A: They don’t advocate for everyone, just Blacks, as they put it on their website. Not once did I say that I was okay with ANYONE being assaulted by police officers, so please don’t think for a moment that I’m okay with police brutality because I’m not. I have been profiled by the police, harassed, verbally accosted and even held in handcuffs by the police for over three hours because I’m transgender, I’m also of Native American and Mexican descent, I might as well paint a target on my back that says “Pick me Officer”. What I have a problem with, is people that think I’m a bad person because I believe that each and every life matters. I have a problem with people telling me that I’m racist when I say All Lives Matter, and I refuse to focus on just a select few. There was no riot for Tamir Rice when he was gunned down by police, the BLM was nowhere to be found. There was no march, protest or any of the like when John Crawford III who was shot to death by an officer for carrying a BB gun around WalMart that he intended to purchase. Where were the protests for Darrien Hunt when police shot him in the back FOUR times. You can’t just pick and choose who you give a damn about and say forget everyone else. All three of those people were “black.” all three were killed by police, all three were ignored by the BLM. So you can’t tell me that they have empathy because I don’t believe it for a second. They want to continue to stress racial tensions, and people are buying into it.

B: BLM was founded AFTER Tamir Rice and how his case was handled. And there was rioting after the court case decision.

(Clearly B doesn’t study on up the groups that they follow.)

B: BLM didn’t kill those people yet you blame them??

(Oh yes, because I absolutely said that…By the way that’s sarcasm folks.)

A: It was founded in 2012 after Trayvon Martin’s murder, when George Zimmerman was acquitted for murdering him. It started gaining more popularity after the death of Michael Brown near St. Louis, MO. Why do you assume that I blame the BLM?

B: BLM issued a statement after Tamir Rice’d death and demanded that he have a fair trial.…/

B: Yet you accuse them of intentionally “picking and choosing”

(Not once has B answered any of the questions that I posed. All B has done is regurgitate them same rhetoric that has been spewed out of the mouths of ignorant and blind individuals that follow the masses of peer pressure. )

A: What about Darrien Hunt and John Crawford III?

(Of course I get no answer to this. So, I had enough of being told that I’m a bad person for having different beliefs than the majority. I ended the conversation.)

A: I am done with this discussion. You are acting extremely aggressive towards me simply because I don’t like the BLM. You have continuously tried to put words in my mouth, so to speak, and I don’t appreciate that kind of behavior, especially when it appears that you’re trying to make me out to be a bad person and you don’t know me.

B: Just asking questions about something you posted publicly.

(Really? I mean come on kid, you’re so hyped up on misplaced righteous indignation that you’ve basically said I’m the spawn of Satan because I don’t cower and apologize to every person that I see with a skin tone darker than my own. You aren’t trying to engage in conversation, you’re doing your best to belittle me and you don’t even have your information correct.)

A: Actually, I didn’t post it publically. I posted it to my friends, and you didn’t ask a question, you made a statement to start with. However, as I said above, I’m done with this conversation.

Finally B got the point that I was done with their accusations and uninformed aggressive attitude, and stopped posting on that thread. However, they weren’t done.

I posted once more to my friends :

“Ah, the moment when someone tries to paint you as the spawn of Satan simply because you don’t believe what they do. What is this world coming to?”

Yes, I was using my snarky sense of humor to try to sooth some of the anger that this kid had just caused me. The answer I got…it was something along the lines of ‘I was interested in your trans project, but not I’m not because I don’t like what’s on your Facebook.’ They deleted it shortly after posting that, I really wish I would have been able to get a screenshot of it. Unfortunately, I could not.

I don’t doubt that B saw my response, as they were still listed as my friend when I posted it, however today it seems they’ve deleted me. Good for them…

“No biggie. That’s your choice. Here’s something that might not have occurred to you, this is my personal facebook account. If you can’t tell the difference between personal and professional, that’s not my problem. It’s kinda like blaming an entire corporation and all the people involved with it for something that one person does. This attitude right here, this is why it’s so hard for the TG community, because the moment someone disagrees with the masses they are outcast and unwanted.”
I stick by those words too. The attitude that if someone doesn’t fall in line they are somehow less of a person than everyone else is all too prevalent in society today. This attitude is one of the biggest shortcomings of any community especially those that are a minority. The act of excluding someone just because they are different is deplorable and downright ignorant.

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