After a difficult time of trying to think of what words I can use to portray the meaning and purpose behind my upcoming Transgender Visibility Project, I have come up with a name that I feel that does just that.

Next month I will be launching Trans*Muted: A Transgender Visibility Project to bring a positive, uplifting, and refreshing view to the lives of people that identify as being transgender. For far too long the transgender population of the United States and in many parts of the world have viewed as taboo or even subhuman and that clearly needs to change. Those of us that are transgender are just like any of member of society. We are teachers, parents, doctors, professionals, blue collar workers, artists, writers, siblings, caretakers, etc.

I feel that the name Trans*Muted encompasses the fact that the transgender population has been muted and silenced for so long, as well as playing on the word transmute which is to change into something new. That is exactly what we are seeking to do, change the negative attitude to something new, something positive and more accepting and understanding that it was previously.

I am currently seeking people that would like to be interviewed so that their story can be told during the project. If you or someone that you know are interested, please feel free to contact me at or you can fill out an introduction survey at

I’m really excited about moving forward with the project, meeting a lot of wonderful people and getting to know them so that I can help share their stories.

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