Change of Scenery

Life has a funny way of taking plans, tearing them up, and then throwing them back in your face. This really seems to happen to anything that I plan. Back in June my family was supposed to move to Arkansas. I had planned for it. I even waited until school was let out to plan the move and it never happened.

Then I worked towards another plan, one for Oregon. The insurance companies there will cover my top surgery, so I’ll be one step closer to not hating the person staring back at me in the mirror. Sure, we were going to have to rough it, so to speak. With my being disabled as well as my wife, it would have taken a bit of time to get a place and to get settled. We would have camped, like an adventure of sorts. This plan also never happened.

So now school is starting here again, and I cannot allow my son to attend. Last year’s hell would be just the beginning. They refuse him the assistance that he needs and would rather throw an autistic child into a classroom where teachers have no control and thus he would become out of control. Homeschooling him makes him incredibly lonely, something that I struggle with constantly and have no wish to inflict on him, so the only choice is to move and move now.

What is the outcome?

On Wednesday, I’m traveling back to Texas to stay at the only place I have to stay at right now; my parent’s house. It isn’t ideal, but it’s all that I can do.

After the threats from the school district last year, the crimes against my family, and the hatred in the local news towards transgender people, I simply cannot stay in Amelia County. It is a fact that I hate, but only because of what it means I have to do. I have to leave my wife and step-son behind in this place that has become so abhorrent to me that the thought of the name makes me gag.

It’s only temporary, of course, at least until December, but that doesn’t mean that I have to like it. I’ve been working on ideas to keep my busy during this time, and I hope that some of these ideas will become reality. I guess we can only see what happens.


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