Never before, in my thirty-two years have I ever been this completely devastated by the actions of a political figurehead. Anyone that follows me on Facebook or Twitter knows that I was a Bernie Sanders supporter and I was really cheering for him to take the presidential candidacy for the Democratic party, and even become our next president here in the United States. I feel like a lot of the policies he supports and has supported over his years in government could have really made a huge difference in the way this country is headed. However, his actions today have left me feeling completely betrayed and lost in the mayhem of a political clusterfuck that we call government.

Today when Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton and said that he would do everything within his power to help her become the next president of the United States he betrayed each and every Bernie Or Bust supporter that was willing to vote for him in a massive write-in campaign that had the potential to make United States history. Instead, he made the choice to support a corrupt, abusive and lying politician that works for the big banks and corporations rather than for the people.

People like Hillary Clinton are the reason that until October 10, 2014, my family lived in fear of something happening to my wife or I. Until marriage equality was finally accepted as the law of the land in the US, both my wife and I risked our family being torn apart should something happen to one of us. Like many other subjects, Hillary was against marriage equality until it became the trendy thing to support because there was such a huge movement in support of it. Why should I support someone that would have denied my family the right to be a family because of my transgender status until they could use marriage equality as a ploy for their own political gain?

People like Hillary Clinton are the reason that people have zero faith in the criminal justice system. We have all heard about the FBI’s findings and know that she lied and perjured herself, and we have all heard about anyone set to testify against her suddenly has an “accident”. Accident my ass.

People like Hillary Clinton are the reason my disabled Vietnam Veteran father has to wait ridiculously long periods of time for the health care that he deserves from the VA hospital, and even then the healthcare is shoddy at best.

As I sat in my SUV watching the stream live on my phone I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The one person that I felt was truthful, heartfelt and honest was now endorsing one of the most corrupt, lying, conniving and cheating people in politics. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Donald Trump has the truth of it when he tweeted:

“Bernie Sanders endorsing Crooked Hillary Clinton is like Occupy Wall Street endorsing Goldman Sachs.”

When Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton, like many other supporters I broke down crying. To me, he was the only hope we had of working towards getting corruption out of politics. He had preached against everything that Clinton stood for and now he’s endorsing it. I turned my phone off, got out of my truck and peeled my Bernie 2016 sticker off the back of the liftgate.

Now I have people telling me to stop the drama because I say I feel like there’s an empty spot in my heart. I’m being told that I’m supposed to go with the flow now, I’m supposed to support the things that I stand against.


When I peeled that sticker off I separated myself from the Bernie Sanders campaign as well as the Democratic party. I will not support a candidate or a party that engages in corrupt politics, cheating, purgery, money laundering, or illegal activity in any way shape or form.

I will not endorse, or vote, or support that lesser of the two evils.

I refuse to be complacent, become a sheep and follow a political party to the slaughter house.

My family’s future greatly depends on who is in office at the beginning of next year.

Our status as an LGBTQ family, as well as the fact we are non-Christian, could put us in major danger should the wrong people end up in office. Two of the prior Republican presidential candidates even attended a church where the pastor called for the murder of LGBT people, and they had zero objections.

This election cycle could mean the difference between life and death for my family…literally. So don’t tell me I have to support someone that would rather send my sons to war so they can line their pockets instead of sending them to college.

It’s not happening.

The revolution hasn’t ended…it’s just begun.

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