Hopeless Cause of Broken Dreams

(Here’s another of my poems from my darker years. It really is amazing how much my outlook has changed. )

I ripped out my heart for you
Lost my will to exist
Broken mind, nothing seems true
Everything is a hazy mist
Confusion clouds my every thought
My life has fallen apart
All your lies I always bought
Never realized you’d tear out my heart.

Drowning in the pool of my sorrow.
Don’t want to wake up tomorrow
Cut myself and bleed it all out
No need for angry shouts
You made your choice, now lay in your bed.
Never knew you wanted me dead.

The very essence of my soul is lost.
Everything I was is gone away.
Dancing with fire, this is the cost.
Guess I should have never played.
I don’t want the choices laid before me.
I don’t want to pick a bloody door.
I was blind but now I see.
You cut me deep to my very core.

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