(Another poem, this one is from 2010.)

Actions blurred together to create a haze,

Time melting, twisted and warping days to days.

Chaos dances behind my thoughts and colours my reasoning.

Caught up in my own personal hell,

Life’s up or downs nothing even and well.

Everything’s thrown into a confusion riddled pit.

No help to sort out anything what can I make of it?

Nothing seems to help, no one seems to care.

Even if they pretend, do they really care?

Terrified of what I could become.

I reach to find ways to end this so called life.

I don’t want anymore pain, from the blade of a dull knife.

It makes things so empty hollow inside.

Drowning in question whose answer I can’t provide.

Why does everything have to be this way?

Why can’t I be normal for just one day?

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