Thanks for the LIES

In July of 2015 I applied for SSI through Human Arc, I was promised that my case would be processed in under six months, and because I met all the required markers for SSI (autism, gender dysphoria, social anxiety, PTSD to name a few) there should be no problems with my case at all.

It took two months before my phone interview was set up and completed by my wife, this was in September of 2015. I was told, I should get an answer within a few weeks. I was told the same thing in October and November. Then in December when my wife called the Social Security department she was told that they hadn’t decided on whether or not to send me to a doctor, but they’d do that in January.

Towards the end of January 2016, I received a letter from Social Security stating that an appointment had been made for me in March for a decision. Every time my wife called Human Arc, she was told it would be better if she contacted Social Security directly rather than have them do it because she would receive an answer sooner.

Human Arc was supposed to be representing me and assisting me in getting SSI because I am unable to work and yet each time my wife called them for help, they basically told her to do it herself. This group is being paid by my insurance company to assist me and yet my wife was and has been the one doing all the work they were supposed to be doing.

About a week ago I received my first denial letter for SSI, though I have an inkling it’s actually SSDI and Human Arc never applied for SSI like they said they had.

My wife called Human Arc and asked them to start the appeal process, and they refused. Instead, they are discharging me from their rolls and now we have to do everything ourselves.

They have done nothing.

They got paid for doing nothing.

Now because I have to file an appeal, they don’t want to actually help and are instead discharging me so that they can continue to do nothing and get paid by the insurance companies.

Businesses like this shouldn’t be allowed to exist.

They hunt and peck a few words into a computer (something I could have done myself) and want a gold star. They collect money from the insurance companies for doing a job that they don’t want to do unless its a few keystrokes and a pat on the back. They lie, and when they happen upon a case where they will have to do work, they refuse and discharge the client.

Is this what society has become? So money orientated that they want to sit around, gather riches and do nothing in the process? Such a pity…Thanks for the lies Human Arc, you’ve reinforced my skepticism of society once again.

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