Double Edged Sword

My heart is torn in two; one part tells me that letting refugees into my homeland will open us up for a terrorist attack (much like the one that happened a little over fourteen years ago), the other part asks me how I could even begin to think about not giving innocent people a safe place to stay. 

I worry for the safety of my two sons, my wife and my family not with me. I worry that terrorist will find it easier to get weapons here in the United States once they are here. 

Loopholes in gun control laws give nearly anyone the ability to buy a firearm and stockpile ammunition among other destructive devices. There are many states here that allow open carry not only handguns but also long arms (rifles and shotguns) and even assault rifles. With the seemingly unending attacks already occurring here I fear sending my children to public school because they aren’t even safe anymore. 

Then I worry about the children not only in Syria but also elsewhere in the world, anywhere that they are not safe. No child or even adult should grow up or live in fear of violence simply for being who they are. I know that fear and it is not a nice feeling. 

If we as a country could prevent others from the suffering they are subjected to at the hands of monsters should we not do so? Should we not welcome these people into our homes and care for them as they are our own family? After all the reality for many of them is they have no family, they have been slaughtered it worse in the name of a god or deity that they don’t believe in nor do they follow. Should we punish these people based on the crimes of others?

Ultimately as I sit here writing I have come to the conclusion that we have but one real choice.  If we refuse refugees entry we are no better than those they are fleeing. We are no better than the monsters murdering them because isn’t that what we would be doing? Sending them back to their “homes” knowing the situation they would return to would undoubtedly mean their deaths. 

So that leaves the fear of opening our country, our homes terrorists. To this I must face my own fears and realise that if we allow refugees we do open that possibility but would it not be far worse to live in fear? That is what has controlled so many people for so long…fear. I refuse to allow people that get their rocks off torturing others to control me and my actions through fear. 

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