#PrayForParis #PrayForTheEarth

As most of the world knows, yesterday brought death and disaster to Paris, France when terrorist killed at least 129 innocent people all in the name of their twisted agenda. As I write this, my heart is pained to think that because of these terrorist, countless lives across France and even the world will forever be impacted and not for the better. This holiday season families will sit down with empty places at their tables, empty places in their lives, and for what purpose? So that a group of people can control others with fear and lies?  

Not only did this attack kill over a hundred innocent people, but it has effectively put a stigma on refugees from Syria and other regions that are affected by the terrorists calling themselves ISIS. Now the innocent people that are fleeing their homes because of terrorists will be condemned and second guessed at every turn they take much like the Japanese Americans that were condemned and forced into concentration camps in America after the bombing of Pearl Harbor during World War II.

History has a way of repeating itself when people refuse to rise up and take a stand against intolerance, hatred, fear and all the other emotions that the corrupt use in an effort to control others around them. We must stand together not only with France, but also with each and every innocent person that is being condemned because of their beliefs, whether or not we personally agree with them. For today, let us pray for not only Paris, but also the Earth. No matter what faith you belong to pray for peace, pray for these needless deaths to end. 

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