Why I Will Never Own Another Ford

I have owned two vehicles from Ford Motor Company, the first was an 1988 Bronco II and the last is a 2000 Explorer Limited. While both vehicles have been decent trucks (they were not as reliable as the Mazdas that I have owned) I will never own another Ford vehicle for the rest of my life.

My father is a self-proclaimed Ford Man and over the seventy years he’s been alive he has owned quite a few vehicles from Ford. Since I started driving some 16 years ago he’s bought at least seven vehicles from Ford. That is almost one vehicle every two years. The latest vehicle is a 2014 Ford Focus Titanium which was purchased in September of last year. My parents have owned the car less than 14 months and it has been in the shop five times. A brand new vehicle.

The first issue was with the automatic transmission vibrating during times of acceleration. When it was taken into the shop the first time my parents were told that they didn’t drive the car aggressive enough. Then that changed to the CPU needing to be reprogrammed.

The third time that it was taken into the shop the clutch suddenly needed to be replaced. That took three days during which my parents went through hell trying to get a rental car so that they wouldn’t be without transportation.

Literally the day that they got the car back from the dealership after having the clutch replaced the rear caliper on the passenger side started making a horrendous noise and had to be taken back to the shop less than 12 hours later.

At first the technician tried to say that there was a rock in the caliper. It turned out that the rear caliper was completely locked and needed to be replaced. The odd thing is, until the car was placed in the shop for the transmission issues there was nothing wrong with the brake calipers. My parents had to fight AGAIN for a rental vehicle while a new caliper was shipped in from 80 miles away. This repair took about four days. In the course of 8 hours I removed and installed a new caliper on my truck. That included the travel time to go get the part which also about 80 miles away.

The same day the car was picked up form having the caliper replaced the other side of the car started making noise. The first time it was taken back (making 5 times in the repair shop) my parents were told that the technicians couldn’t hear anything wrong with the car so they didn’t know what to do. The day after that the car started making the noise again and was taken back to the dealer. The technicians claim that it was a rock in the caliper.

Three days later the rear end is still making a noise that sounds something like an old farm truck dragging a livestock trailer down a gravel road, the car pulls to the right front whenever you break and has less than 25,000 miles total.

My mother is terrified of driving or riding in her own vehicle and Ford has yet to do anything about a vehicle that they are charging my parents over $28,000 for.

This is why I will never own another Ford.

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