Stranded at MM 182

A trip home took a turn for the worse around Nashville, TN at almost exactly halfway to home. My truck decided in Nashville that it didn’t want to work properly any longer. From what my brother and I have been able to figure out through Facetime (I’m glad I switched to iPhone right about now) something is screwed up with the half-shaft or the transfer case for my truck; yay for AWD right?

So now I’m stranded outside of Nashville, TN at the 182 MM waiting for dawn so that I can begin the 600 miles back to my parent’s house in Sulfur Springs, Texas where my dad and brother can help me tear apart the front of my truck and fix it…hopefully. It’s raining, I don’t have the money for a hotel room and I’m alone with the exception of my faithful slobber face called Lexie, or as I so affectionally call her, Asshole.

I’m alone, I’m tired and hungry and now any bit of plan that I had that helped me drive across the country without a human being with me has flown out the window.

I feel like I’m going to throw up, cry myself to sleep in the back of my truck (well SUV really, the seats lay down in the back) and fall to pieces all at the same time.

My plans to be home early tomorrow morning are completely shattered and I can feel the anxiety eating away at my stomach. My plans, the only thing keeping me going are completely gone.

I cannot express in words how utterly terrified and out of sorts I am right now.

The only reason I’m forcing myself to write is because it is in a way soothing to me when everything else I have no control over.

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