All Lives Matter · Discrimination

Say what?

“No one wants to see your fat whale ass, go kill yourself.”

This was the sentence that pushed me just a little further than I could stand. It pushed me to the point where I have to stand up and speak out. This wasn’t even directed at me, but rather it was on a post of a heavy nude model that happened to pop up on my Facebook feed.

Go kill yourself…

The words still ring in my mind as I struggle with my own weight issues, most of which stem from an abusive past with my grandmother who forced me to eat even when I was not hungry. It’s more than just telling someone that they should kill themselves because they are overweight, it’s saying that a person who is overweight has no worth as a human being whatsoever and therefore, should die. It’s dehumanizing someone on the basis of their looks; not the worth of their character or their actions, but simply because they are heavy.

Someone that has never been heavy doesn’t understand the struggle it is just to get out of bed and get moving at times. They don’t know the internal monologue where people berate themselves for eating two pieces of french toast in the morning for breakfast instead of one. This is where our daughters and even sons begin their struggle with weight; with people that demand they end their own lives because they don’t have the bodies of super models. These are the people that don’t understand eating can become an addiction because it is the only thing that brings happiness when all the world around you is so cruel because you’re “fat”.  They don’t understand crying while eating a piece a cake that you know is going to destroy your diet but your day has been so bad otherwise that you’re craving that little piece of good.

People think that being fat is always a personal choice, but there are times when it is no more a choice than having a mental health problem. There are people that have imbalances in their bodies that prevent them from being able to lose weight, and they can’t afford the $30,000 to have a surgery to help them get healthy. Instead they are trapped in their own bodies, struggling to get by each day, and yet this is the reality we face:

“No one wants to see your fat whale ass, go kill yourself.”


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