Tick Tock?

At first look the headlines for Ahmed Mohamed makes someone believe that this innocent kid was arrested and tormented simply for being a) black and b) Muslim; however, if you look deeper into a situation you’ll see a different story begin to evolve. When I first read the headlines of “14-year-old black Muslim boy arrested for bringing a clock to school” I was outraged. I was pissed, I couldn’t believe that the police would treat a teenage boy like this because he was black and Muslim, but then I really started paying attention.

Nearly all of the articles written about the incident are subjective not objective, rather than stating the truth of the events from a non-biased point of view, they all try to paint the police officers in a negative manner. This is exactly the same thing that has happened with nearly every incident involving police and a “black” offender since Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri over a year ago in August of 2014.

This was a huge red flag for me.

The police are not always in the wrong as so many people always assume, they do not always single out someone because of their color, religion or how they look. That is not to say that things like that never happen, it just isn’t always the case. Not every police officer wakes up in the morning and thinks “How can I fuck up some black kid’s life today.”

When the violence is “black on black” or a “black” cop and a “white” suspect, it either doesn’t make headlines or the ethnicity of the people involved becomes irrelevant. Why was nothing that I found written from a non-biased point of view, or didn’t automatically paint the police as the bad guys?

As I began to look into the story and what happened, I saw a different picture than what most of the media was painting. I wanted to see what this clock looked like that everyone mistook for a bomb, so I did a little searching and I came up with this:

At first, I couldn’t tell exactly what it was supposed to be. It sure as hell didn’t look like much of a clock to me, but rather something from a James Bond movie. From my understanding, the only time that a clock is contained in a briefcase is a) when traveling or b) when they are a timing mechanism for an explosive device. Even if the container of the device was strictly a coincidence, then why allow the clock to look so unfinished?

I cannot believe that someone intelligent enough to create a homemade clock would not be intelligent enough to know that bringing such an object into a school could potentially cause hysteria and panic. Children have been suspended and expelled from school for bringing a toy gun to school; a toy squirt gun that looked nothing like a real gun at all. This was at an elementary school, not a high school where the risk of school shootings or other acts of violence on a large scale have steadily gone up since the Columbine shootings.

The police didn’t arrest and detain this teenager because they thought he brought a bomb, or because he was Muslim or even because he was black. This kid was arrested and detained because he brought a device into a school that appeared as if it could be a bomb or another mechanism that could cause harm or damage to the staff and members of the student body at school, which is against the law in Texas, where this 14 year-old-year lived.

Now, with that said, the police were out of line for not allowing the kid to speak with a counselor or see his parents while detained in the juvenile center and there should be a review of the officer’s actions so that they can be reprimanded accordingly as they did break the law, and not even the police are above the law.

As for the media, they are only continuing to add to the tension between different ethnic groups in the United States. Their continued headlines of “black victim – white aggressor” while refusing to make “black victim – black aggressor” or “white victim – black aggressor” further stresses the tension between Americans of African descent and Americans of Anglo-Saxon descent. As long as this continues, nothing is going to get better, it’s only going to get worse. We’re going to see more and more cases like this blown out of proportion on both sides.

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