Is it Caitlyn or is it Bruce? I’m a bit confused.

If anyone has read my prior posts about Caitlyn Jenner, they would quickly realize that I don’t idolize her nor do I hold her in high regards. It is my personal opinion that she does what she does for money, attention and fame only. Her more recent actions seem to support my opinion and it would seem that she is beginning to lose the rabid support of so many people in the transgender community. All I have to say is about damned time.

For those that don’t know (though I imagine you’d have to live under a rock not to know) that Caitlyn Jenner now has her own television show called “I am Cait” and it has been airing for a few months now. I’ve never watched it because a) I don’t watch television very much b) I detest “reality tv” and  c) I don’t feel the need to watch a spoiled brat complain about her nails when there are children starving in the US and veterans are homeless. However on the September 6th episode of the show my attention was peaked. A transcript of the episode shows that Jenner insisted on signing up for a new golf course membership under the name of Bruce and refused to use Caitlyn even when pressed by her assistant. The exchange is as follows:

Assistant: “I don’t understand why you are putting Bruce down as opposed to Caitlyn, I mean really?”
Jenner: “My membership is under Bruce and my little Sherwood is down for construction on the golf course and it will be down for a long time, and there is another golf course, part of Sherwood, a par 3 golf course actually, but you have to join that one, it’s like separate from the main club.”
Assistant: “Why can’t you go in fresh as Caitlyn?”
Jenner: “It’s just not going to work, I want to delay that.”
Assistant: “Can’t you just wear your hoodies and pretend?”
Jenner: “Yeah but once I get on the course I’ll take that off.”
Assistant: “Are you going to wear a skirt or shorts or are you going to be wearing [interrupted]…”
Jenner: “No no no no no not right now, so let’s just put Bruce down and it’s fine!”
Assistant: “Alright, I’m just saying it doesn’t make any sense to me because everyone is going to know that you are Caitlyn [interrupted]…”
Jenner: “I just don’t want to worry about locker rooms and all that crap right now, which I don’t want to worry about, I’ll worry about the locker rooms down the line.”
Assistant: “I understand but everyone is going to know that you are Caitlyn.”
Jenner: “I know I know I know.”
Assistant: “And then they’re going to be like we don’t want Caitlyn in our locker room.”
Jenner: “We’ll deal with all those issues down the line.

So is it Caitlyn Jenner or is it Bruce Jenner? I have yet to meet a transgender person that would insist on using their birth name over their given name after beginning their transition. The problems that a majority of the TG community faces on a daily basis and can be triggering she is completely dismissing them with a flippant attitude. This is the woman that so many hailed as a hero just for transitioning. It would seem that now she is finally starting to show her true colors.

If this wasn’t bad enough she now endorses the I Am Cait Halloween costume that is marked towards cis-gendered adult men. I will admit, when I first heard about the costume, I thought that it could have been a good idea. Children like to dress up like their heroes and I’m sure that there were some kids that viewed Jenner as a hero. However, when the reality of exactly who the costume was marketed for came to light I was completely disgusted. The transgender community has enough problems with sexualized stereotypes without a costume of transwoman being marketed towards men. The only problem that Jenner has with the costume is the quality of the material, which leaves me to wonder exactly how much money she’s making from this mockery of the TG community.
How long is this going to continue? How long is the transgender community going to suffer because of some attention-whore with a god complex and an obsession with money?

2 thoughts on “Is it Caitlyn or is it Bruce? I’m a bit confused.

    1. I hope that is not the case in Jenner’s situation. It always greatly saddens me when someone ends their own life. While I don’t agree with what Jenner is doing or how she acts, she stills deserves to be happy and healthy just like everyone else.

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