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Will It Never Stop?

I’ve been subjected to constant discrimination in one form or another ever since I can remember, all for reasons that I really have little to no control over. I’ve been discriminated against because I’m autistic, have social anxiety, I am transgender, I am trans masculine, I am pansexual, the list could go on for nearly an entire page but those are the most common. I’m used to it and while it annoys me it really doesn’t bother me but so much. Though today the discrimination has really pissed me off, the discrimination wasn’t focused at me, but it did affect me because I didn’t get my damned pizza.

My family decided that we would like a pizza for “linner” (The time between lunch and dinner, meaning dinner will usually be whatever leftovers are in the fridge.) So we ordered a couple of pizzas and a two-liter of Pepsi from the local Pizza Hut using their online system and headed that way. The Pizza Hut is about twenty-five miles from my house, which means a round trip of around fifty miles. My truck (a 2000 Ford Explorer) gets about 19 miles to the gallon, which means this trip uses a little shy of 3 gallons of gas; price of gas being $2.35 when I last bought it means the trip alone sets me back around $7.05.

We arrived at Pizza Hut, and my wife went inside to procure the pizza. I sent her inside with a check for the amount of the food, a whole $17.87. The general manager informed her that they don’t accept personal checks and haven’t in over a year. Funny thing is last month my family wrote a check at this exact store, which they gladly deposited into their account on August 3rd. THIS MONTH.


The website even says that this store accepts checks as a form of payment.

Once again, proof:

So why the sudden change? The only thing that had changed was the fact that my wife was wearing a shirt with this logo on it:

If you aren’t familiar with Richmond you wouldn’t think much of this shirt, but as we are less than thirty minutes away and every year Richmond holds a huge pride event for the LGBT community, it’s obvious for any locals to know that this represents Gay Pride here in Richmond, VA. Since moving to Amelia we have had our truck vandalized, been harassed by a local county sheriff, and now we have been denied service. Way to be a close-minded backwater, community Amelia, you sure know how to make anyone that doesn’t subscribe to your antiquated ideals feel right at home.

So, my wife called the corporate office for Pizza Hut about what had happened, after all we had just drove fifty miles for nothing. The customer service representative for corporate submitted a complaint with the district manager; who then talked with the general manager that refused my wife service, and guess what happened? The general manager called my wife to further harass my family and tell her that she was wrong, they had never accepted checks.

So, I hope that Pizza Hut is happy with allowing their franchises to get away with this kind of behavior because they have joined my boycott list. I know I am just one person, and with my kids and wife we are just one family, but I will not stand for this type of treatment. I encourage everyone to do the same, there are other places that do not allow this behavior and do not engage in homophobia, and money spent there is well spent.


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