Gender Equality is a Myth stacked in the favor of women.

The idea that all men have power and therefore privilege is nothing more than a myth, and what little power men have is merely an illusion. In whole, society works to provide for and take care of the female at the expense of the male.

I have never thought that one gender or sex is better than the other, nor do I believe that one should be considered to be better than the other. Just as everything in nature has a duality of male and female that work together, I believe that humans should be no different. Everyone should be treated as equals and work together for the better of society, but that idea was long lost with the rise of “modern society”. Now you have people demanded that they be treated better than others because it is owed to them because they are different. The excuses vary depending upon the person; the catch-all phrase used is usually a minority of some class, whether based on gender, skin color, religious preference, etc.

One of my biggest dislikes for these groups of people demanding special treatment are the feminists, more specifically the radical feminists that further the divide between male and female and work only for a female dominated society, leaving men to beg for forgiveness for, you know, having a penis. This is the most hypocritical load of bullshit that I’ve even been subjected to. These are the same people that demand to have all of the “perks of being male” but none of the responsibilities.

In the United States when a male reaches the age of eighteen, they have to register for the selective service. Until they reach the age of twenty-five, when they are no longer of “optimal age” these young men can be called to service and forced between going to war or going to jail, simply because they are male. This is law. There is no equivalent for women, even though women are enlisting in the military of their own volition. There is now even a female army ranger, and women are no longer barred from active combat. Yet, if a draft is put into effect it will be the young men ages eighteen to twenty-five that are taken from their homes and their families, young men alone. Where is the gender equality when we are willing to send our young boys off to die in war, but most women refuse to take this responsibility?

Across the United States, there are shelters created for the sole purpose of aiding battered women and their children with an escape from unhealthy and detrimental relationships. Nearly all funding for shelters like these, whether government, non-profit or from private donors, goes to shelters specifically for women when approximately thirty-five percent of domestic violence victims are men. There are virtually zero shelters specifically for battered men or battered husbands. While about 35.6% of women experience rape, physical violence or stalking by a partner, 28.5 % men experience the same attacks with women being the perpetrator. Where are the people rallying to the aid of these men that are beaten by women? Instead, men are ridiculed if they admit that a woman has abused them. Feminists claim that if a man has been hit by a woman he must have deserved it by hitting her first. Men are made out to the aggressors and women the victims, no matter what the truth of the case may be. How is this the gender equality that feminists claim they want?

There are countless scholarships, assistance programs, grants, and business loans for women simply because they are women. If a man wants the same opportunity, he has to compete against other people, male and female and hope that he comes out on top. Being a poor female gives you more opportunities to succeed in life than being a poor male, yet men are still expected to take care of their families and sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. They are disposable to society, especially to radical feminists.
Women are allowed and encouraged to take on the jobs that men traditionally filled, however when a man takes a role that is traditionally female, once again he is ridiculed and thought of as unworthy of being a man. Women are encouraged to leave their families in the care of others, or not to have families at all, and become business women while men are discouraged from being stay-at-home fathers. Men are thought of as being incapable of taking care of children, cooking, cleaning a home, or performing other “homemaker” tasks. This is not gender equality, this is female privilege.

It is especially prevalent among the transgender community and has caused a massive group of people who identify as transgender to become invisible. When someone that is assigned male at birth begins to transition to her true self, she is derided, harassed and faces massive amounts of discrimination because of the idea that a “man” cannot be feminine. Yet after transitioning she is viewed as a strong and independent woman, and all the opportunities afforded to cis-gendered women are hers for the reaping. However, when someone that is assigned female at birth begins to transition to his true self, he faces the same issues and more. He is often labeled a lesbian even after his transition. His identity as male is often denied, and he has to fight for every step he wants to take forward. Even with transgender services, they are mostly all geared towards women rather than men. People become outraged when a transwoman loses her life to violence or suicide, but when a transman is killed or takes his own life he quietly passes from this life without so much as a mention of his correct gender.

The idea that all men have power and therefore privilege is nothing more than a myth, and what little power men have is merely an illusion. In whole, society works to provide for and take care of the female at the expense of the male.

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