Do not try to force your own labels on my character.
Do not define me through your misconceptions of right or wrong.
I am not a neat perfect peg for your perfect little roles.
I am not a genre where people are herded like sheep.
I am not a silent shell, refusing to speak for myself.
You call me a misfit, strange, crazy, undesirable,
All in a vain attempt to place me in categories of your world.
Yet I do not heed your words.
I am static among the calmness of the mind.
I am a raging storm on the otherwise calm sea.
I am a breath of fresh air, denying broken ideals a place in my life.
I am a variant in a world too ignorant to embrace difference.
I am beautiful in my own chaotic way.
I am human.
I am me.
I am…

#poetry, #undefinable