Progressives: Don’t Waste Your Money on the Group #BlackLivesMatters. They Are Actually Hurting Minority Progress

Progressives: Don’t Waste Your Money on the Group #BlackLivesMatters. They Are Actually Hurting Minority Progress.

In a nutshell, this line from the co-founder of the Black Lives matter movement expresses the sentiment of the BLM towards anyone other than black women:

Please do not change the conversation by talking about how your life matters, too.”

As I have been saying since the death of Tamir Rice, these so-called leaders don’t give a flying fuck about each and every life, black or not. They only care about the black women, more specifically the lesbian black women, any other black life is nothing more than a pawn in their scheme to become even bigger attention whores.

The above article hits the nail on the head with their assertation that:

“… the movement (from their perspective) is all about black women. Anyone such as Bernie Sanders who wants to raise the plight of all struggling Americans offends them. They want the sole focus to be on them. They don’t want a peaceful movement that follows the lead of Martin Luther King, Jr. Instead, they want a militant movement that follows the lead of the Black Panther Party.”

Is this really what we want in America? They scream about violence towards black criminals, but then they turn around and want a movement based in chaos and violence.

Growing up, I idolized Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as one of my heroes for the great work that he did for the Civil Rights movement, work that he did through peaceful methods. He rose above the incorrect assumption that black men and women are no better than wild beasts, destroying everything in their paths and leaving chaos in their wakes. Though it would seem that the BLM want to resort to this kind of behavior. They want to continue to drive a wedge between ethnic groups in America, simply because they prosper in the havoc that ensues.

They pitch a fit that people have said All Lives Matter, Trans Lives Matter, Migrant Lives Matter, HUMAN Lives Matter, because it doesn’t solely focus on them and grant them special privileges that no one else is afforded.

Another statement made by the leadership, I use the term leader very loosely, displays the racism towards people that are in fact not black. “And, to keep it real–it is appropriate and necessary to have strategy and action centered around Blackness without other non-Black communities of color, or White folks for that matter.”

These people aren’t seeking unity among all Americans, they are aiming for a state in which they are the only ones with power. They don’t care about what path the movement takes as long as they are the ones on top.

Who were the ones that were hurt by the riots in Ferguson and Boston caused by this movement? Both areas in which the riots happened were predominately minorities. The store owners who were robbed and had their only source of income burned to the ground in some occasions, were minorities. Black men and women who had done nothing to cause criminals to be shot by police. They were innocent people that had their lives stolen from them because “Black Lives Matter”. What the looters really meant was “We need a reason to act like animals and destroy lives.”

They are no better than the people that they are protesting against.



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