To Virginia Police: Stop Profiling Me

In the past month I have been pulled twice by police in the state of Virginia because I have farm use tags, at least that is the excuse I’ve been given. Driving with farm use tags on a vehicle in Virginia is not against the law, thus I have been pulled twice without breaking a law, which of course in Virginia is against the law.

However, I have a feeling that I know why these two police officers felt the need to pull me and act like total dicks. This is the back of my truck:

The back of Aydan's Truck

EV is Equality Virginia, a non-profit organization in Virginia that fights for LGBT equality.

rosmy is a non-profit organization in Virginia that supports LGBT youth, teens and young adults. My son goes to their meetings when we can make it into Richmond where they are.

Diversity Richmond (the top left hand square sticker) used to be known as the Gay Community Center of Richmond, they work with local non-profits to raise funds to help those in the LGBT community.

The circular sticker above the green RVA one is for Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities and underneath the green RVA sticker is a rainbow COEXIST sticker.

Needless to say my truck is a huge mobile billboard that screams my family believes in equality when it comes to the LGBT as well as religious faiths, something that doesn’t seem to be tolerated very well here in Amelia County or in Dinwiddie County where I was pulled the first time.

The first time I was pulled the officer said that he pulled me just to check my tags, and that was the only reason. He tried to tell me that I was only allowed to drive 35 miles away from my house to begin with, when my wife told him that we thought we were allowed 50 miles he tried to argue with us, but we dropped it. Let’s face it, even though the cop was wrong, I didn’t feel like getting shot by an uppity cop with a god-complex. After he went back to his car to run my license and came back, he agreed that it was indeed 50 miles. I’m sure he googled the law while he was in his car. I was let off with a “warning” though for what I’m not exactly sure, maybe I shouldn’t drive while white considering both police officers that pulled me were “Officers of Color”.

I should note here that back on the first of May when my truck was vandalized when someone thought it would be a great idea to pull all the lug nuts off my truck’s rear driver’s side tire. There sheriff that responded to the call didn’t have any problem with my farm use tags or my stickers. He told me that the incident was a hate crime because I had just done a TV interview about being transgender. This officer was white, makes you wonder…

Then this evening, I was pulled over by an Amelia County sheriff, who followed me for over a mile then waited until I ran through a mud puddle before pulling me. He sat in his car for nearly five minutes before even coming up to the truck and demanded that I shut my vehicle off. When I went to get my paperwork for my truck from the glove box the cop demanded to know if I had any weapons in the truck. I told him no and I asked him if there was a problem. He told me there was because I had farm use tags and an inspection sticker on my truck. (The sticker was on my truck when I bought it back in January.) There is no way that the officer could have known that I had an inspection sticker on my vehicle when he pulled me over. As you can see from the picture of the back of my truck, my windows are tinted and I did not pass him. He did not see the front window of my vehicle until he walked around to the front of my vehicle and looked at it.

He then lectured us on not having our proof of car insurance with us in the vehicle. (Insurance on farm use vehicles is not required in the state of Virginia, though I am liable for any damages to my vehicle or from my vehicle in case of an accident.) Once again the officer let me off with a warning after illegally stopping me in the first place. The car in front of me was swerving back and forth over both lanes of traffic, speeding up and slowing down and driving in a manner that would be considered dangerous, but I was the one that was stopped.

So here’s my message to the police force in Virginia, if I am not breaking a law and you pull me over because you don’t like the back of my truck or farm use tags and give me a ticket, I will take the ticket to court. I will file a complaint against you for profiling and discriminating against me. I am a law abiding citizen and stopping me is insulting just because you’re a closet case that hates people that think differently from you.

I am not a brainwashed asshat. I am an intelligent young man and I will not be the subject of your abuse of power. I will not be belligerent and rant in your presence, but I will make sure that you lose your badge. If that isn’t possible, I’ll make damned sure that every local media outlet knows that you don’t know your laws and feel it’s your right to abuse your power. I am not defenseless and I am not someone that will let you abuse me because you have a god-complex.

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