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Republicans vs. Democrats – Liberals vs. Conservatives

Every time that someone from an opposing political party talks about the other side of the isle, they use their political affiliation with the same connotation that a child would use when cursing when they thought no adults would hear them. Rather than try to work together as adults for what their constituents want, or what would help rebuild the country and pull us out of a recession, low educational standards compared to the rest of the world, and a rate of homelessness and hungry children that bring shame to the American name, politicians would rather throw around curses like Republican, Democrat, Liberal and Conservative. It comes from all sides, and each time I see it, it disgusts me.

The thought that most of the American voters feel that they have to force themselves into one of two political choices is appalling. First you have to choose whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, and once you are inducted into the “club” you have to support the mouth piece for that party regardless of whether or not you believe what they are saying. If you don’t do this, you are a bad [insert political affiliation here] and therefore, can’t possibly belong with everyone else. The second choice you get is to be Liberal or Conservative or if you are really lucky Moderate. Once again, you have to follow the masses of your chosen side like an ignorant sheep to the slaughter. Any utterance of disagreement results in your banning from the club; after all you’re no longer a cool kid if you don’t think like the masses. You’re a rebel, a troublemaker, and must be removed before your infectious ideas spread to others.

Why can we not shed ourselves of the idea that we have to pick one of two choices and instead believe however we would like to believe when it comes to politics? Why are we always forced into choosing between the lesser of the two evils when our own belief varies so greatly? The answer:

We have for too long refused to vote, refused to speak up and make our voices heard. So now those in power tell us that we don’t have a right to be heard, we don’t have a right to speak out against what we feel is wrong. They tell us we are powerless and they are powerful. This is the corruption that is destroying this great country that so many of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers fought, bled and died for.

We are fed lies, and kept in tiny little boxes only listening to what the media allows us to hear. Nearly all media is skewed to one side or the other, so we only heard one side of what is going on.

This has to stop.

We have to start paying attention.

Attend town hall meetings, talk with your representatives, and demand that your voice be heard.

United States citizens pay our taxes just like the big corporations that buy their senators, it is time that WE are represented in government, not just corporations parading themselves as “people” for tax breaks.


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