Holy shit

Talk about a complete shock, one so grand that it sent me into a surreal state for nearly an entire day. My dad called me. He even asked my younger brother for my phone number so that he could call me. I hadn’t talked to him in over two years and then suddenly this. If that wasn’t shock enough, my mom talked to me over the phone as well. Holy shit!

For the past three days I have been talking to them and I really haven’t had a bad conversation. Both my parents are doing okay, which lessened a lot of stress for me. I tend to worry a lot about people I care about, and two years of worrying is hell. I’ve sent them a newer picture of me and told my mom that I now have facial hair. Her response was “You mean I have to get used to you with a beard and mustache?!” I told her yes, and she didn’t argue or try to dissuade me from keeping my beard and mustache.

I never thought that I would be able to reconnect with either my mother or my father after the huge falling out that we had when I made the decision to transition medically, but it looks like both my parents and I are ready for a second chance. I have changed drastically in the past two years, and it would seem that so have they.

If I’m to be honest, I’m still in a bit of a surreal state, I’m wondering if I’m going to wake up and this all be nothing more than a dream.

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