Alive and Well

I made it through my complete hysterectomy yesterday afternoon, and while I’m in a little pain, I’m sore more than anything else. The staff at the hospital I’m in has been fantastic, and while there have been a few pronoun slip ups, they couldn’t have been more accepting and respectful. Honestly, I expected a few slips here and there with the pronouns because after all it’s not very often than a man has a full hysterectomy. I had the da Vinci method used on me, and if you’re not familiar with that, it’s basically a giant robot. That’s right; I had the terminator cut out my reproductive organs.

All jokes aside, the surgery was really kind of bittersweet. While I’m glad it’s over with and hopefully will end all the issues that I’ve been having, I’m sad at what it represents. While I had made the decision to never spawn another child, when I started my hormone replacement therapy, it was a decision that I could change. With the hysterectomy, it was finalized. I know it sounds odd for a man to be upset that he can no longer carry or birth children, but it is a bit heartbreaking for me. It will be well worth it though, and if my wife and I ever are in a place to have another child, we can adopt. So our options for more children are not gone, just drastically changed.

I’m looking at going home this afternoon sometime, and while I’ve only been in the hospital overnight, I’m more than ready to get out of here. I’m ready to go home and settle into my computer chair and refuse to do much of anything for the next four weeks.

While I can’t drive for two weeks, I can ride as a passenger in a car, so this weekend the family will pack up and go down to the river to watch the fireworks and celebrate the 4th of July. I know the boys are excited about the fireworks and I am too. I love them!

So, I’m alive and doing well. I’m just a little sore and tired.

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