Aydan's Life

Minority of a Minority’s Minority

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, where everyone is supposed to have a chance at the American Dream I find the reality of those chances to be slim to none. The only people that really have a chance of acquiring the so-called American Dream are those born into an upper-middle-class and wealthy family. These people who attend schools that care about the children and have the funding to give a damn, rather than those that are under-funded and unable to care about anything other than test scores. Realistically, the only people that are given a good shot at the American Dream are cis-gendered Christian white males that come from semi-wealthy to wealthy families. For everyone else the deck of life is stacked against them, the only thing that differs is A) how badly it is stacked and B) how much luck you’re able to pull out of your ass to make things work.

If you are a minority, say someone of African descent or perhaps female, there are grants, loans and a plethora of companies and organizations that are willing to help. After all, you are a minority and, therefore, need the help. If you come from a background of poverty, that’s even better! These companies or organizations will go out of their way to help you achieve the American Dream. However, if your status as a minority deviates from what is the majority of a minority you are less likely to get any help on the road to achieving self-sufficiency and a generally happy or comfortable life.

The further you are from the normality of minority the less likely anyone is to give two shits about what happens to you. Every variation box you check sends you further and further from achieving anything for yourself or your family. With the current political climate, it’s even worse and at some point you might have people on television calling for your death by firing squad, or banning you from using public bathrooms.

If you are the minority of a minority’s minority then you might want to hang on for the ride of your life. The American Dream might as well be a fable because everything that you do in life is going to require fighting an uphill battle. Every step you think you take in the right direction is going to send you back three steps. I know this because this is where I am, filed away in a neat little box as a minority of a minority’s minority, and it all began with my birth.


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