Don’t Let it Bother You.

“Don’t let it bother you,” I’ve been told these words since I was a young child. Anytime someone was hurtful, hateful, and downright emotionally abusive, I was the one that wasn’t supposed to let it bother me. I was the one being attacked, but I wasn’t supposed to let it bother me. What a different [...]

Hope, a dangerous thing. (Week Four – Part One)

Into Exile

“We need to stop for a few minutes,” Fox yawned feeling the strain of driving all night long as they pulled into the rest stop on the Virginia/North Carolina border. “I don’t think I ever want to come back to North Carolina. I feel like that cop thought we were criminals rather than those people throwing things at other people’s tents and creeping around campsites that didn’t belong to them.”

The sun had just begun to peak over the horizon, yet the sky was a dull gray. Fox pulled into a parking lot and laid their head on the steering wheel. “Where are we going to go now?” The question was more rhetorical than aimed at anyone else in the car. They had no money, their vehicle was dangerously low on fuel, and now they didn’t even have a place to camp.

Fox laid their head on the steering wheel…

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Heinous Fuckery (Week Three – Part Two)

Into Exile

The beautiful sunrise was the only good part of the day spent in North Carolina. The reviews that Fox’s beloved had found on the campsite has said that the place was supposed to be fairly unused and quiet, but that turned out to be anything except the truth.

By three in the afternoon all of the remaining campsites were filled and their new residents began their partying. Despite there being numerous places in the park stating that alcohol was not allowed, the new adult campers failed to adhere to that rule and began to openly drink while their children ran around the campsite unsupervised screaming to the top of their lungs.

To make things worse, when ‘quite time’ for the park came the campers were still screaming, drinking, having loud sex in the wooded areas, and going to other campsites to snoop around the other tents that didn’t belong to…

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Heinous Fuckery (Week Three, part One)

Into Exile

The trip to North Carolina was far longer than Fox and their beloved had originally planned for, the trip that was supposed to take only four hours ended up taking nearly ten. This meant the trio ended up setting the tent up in the dark at midnight with the help of flashlights. Once the tent was in place and the air mattresses inflated, the teen curled up and happily went to sleep, while Fox and their beloved wandered down to the water. Fox was sure that after the long car ride in the heat, the offspring was glad to be somewhere other than a vehicle where he could stretch out and sleep comfortably.

Fox and their beloved strolled down to the bank of the Neuse River, half followed, half lead by two semi-feral young cats. Fox could hear the waves lapping on the beach and smell the salt water before…

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Unforeseen Threats: Thunderstorms, Wildlife and Rabies (Week Two, part Two of Two)

Into Exile

As the waters from the rain drained down the mountain, the wildlife around Fox’s camp begun to come alive, or rather make their presence known. It was early evening a few days after the rain storm when the offspring started whispering excitedly. “There’s a deer and her baby,” he whispered trying not to frighten them away. Fox, their companion and offspring watched in silent awe as the mother deer and her fawn nearly walked into their camp while feeding on the tender shorter grass that deer tend to love.


This inspired Fox and their beloved to take a short hike around the campground once the deer had left to see if they could spot any other animals. Together they walked down the hill their camp was situated on and towards the large picnic area available for the day hikers. Sitting by the campsite registration was a single cotton tail. “Look!”…

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Unforeseen Threats: Thunderstorms, Wildlife and Rabies (Week Two, part One of Two)

Into Exile

While the first week flew by for Fox and their companions the second week seemed to be a little slower. The stress of the city and the forced move into homelessness seemed to melt into the background of day to day life. With each passing day a little more of the upset and the tension that had built up over the past few months begun to ease.

While the trio was living out of two tents they were still enveloped by peace that only being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nothing but nature could bring. This in itself made the beginning of the second week bearable if not enjoyable. Each night Fox went to sleep to the sounds of cicadas and frogs rather than loud bass, domestic violence and stomping of children throwing fits in the room above them.

The first week had come and gone with little…

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Camp Set-Up – Week One

Into Exile

Getting the two tents set up wasn’t too much trouble for Fox and their companions, the first larger tent was designed to pop-up into place making the installation of the tent in the camping space rather easy. The second tent, a smaller three person one, was for the teen so he could have his own space. Fox watched and gave advice as the teen set his tent up and helped when needed. It was a good exercise for the offspring, even if they weren’t living in a state of homelessness. Knowing basic camping skills was always helpful, regardless of the situation.

Initially Fox was worried that the teen would be frightened by sleeping alone in a tent, in the middle of a forest, so the larger and smaller tent were placed next to each other. The close proximity of the two would afford the feeling of protection and safety, yet…

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